reasonable contemplationの例文


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  1. RBS argued that no loss at all was foreseeable, because it was not within its reasonable contemplation that accidental disclosure would lead to the relationship being terminated.
  2. He inquired whether the " damage that occurred through the outbreak of E . coli was within the reasonable contemplation of the parties . " After considering the evidence, he said:
  3. :a . there is a sufficiently close relationship between the parties so that in the reasonable contemplation of the defendant, carelessness on its part could cause damages to the plaintiff; and
  4. Lord Denning MR delivered a powerful dissent, in which he argued that any person in the reasonable contemplation of someone making a statement who might rely on that statement is owed a duty of care in tort.
  5. The appropriate characterisation of the breach depends on the terms of the contract, its business context, and the reasonable contemplation of the parties ( although Baron Alderson used the latter expression in relation to the second limb ).


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