reedy creek energy servicesの例文


  1. Several Disney business units continue to occupy the town's office buildings, and two utility companies, Smart City Telecom and Reedy Creek Energy Services, both operated from Walt Disney World, provide services to the town.
  2. "Our irrigation system here is much more efficient than any homeowner's system, I can tell you that, " said Gregg Harkness of Reedy Creek Energy Services, which operates Disney's water utility.
  3. On January 26, 1998, "'Ranch and Grove Holding Corporation "', which had owned some of the land in Walt Disney World since April 12, 1972 was merged into Walt Disney World Company . "'Reedy Creek Energy Services, Incorporated "', originally known as "'Reedy Creek Utilities Company, Incorporated "'was merged into Walt Disney World Company on September 30, 1999 . On October 2, 2000, "'MDMP Corporation "', which had been deeded many improvements in Walt Disney World on December 20, 1996, was merged into Walt Disney World Company.


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