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  1. The route rises onto the Reedy Point Bridge, which carries it over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
  2. The current Reedy Point Bridge carrying DE 9 over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal was completed in 1968.
  3. Two other high-level vehicular traffic bridges, Summit Bridge in 1960 and Reedy Point Bridge in 1968, were constructed as part of the 1954 improvement authorization.
  4. An obsolete double-leaf bascule drawbridge, located just less than [ ! of a mile north of the northern abutment, allows Delaware Route 9 to cross over the Delaware Ship Channel ( itself an abandoned section of the original C & D Canal ) and is technically part of the Reedy Point Bridge system.
  5. The "'Reedy Point Bridge "'carries Delaware Route 9 across the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal in Delaware City, Delaware, USA . A two-lane cantilever bridge similar in appearance to the St . Georges Bridge, the Reedy Point Bridge spans over salt marshes at the southern approach ( which subjects Delaware Route 9 to periodic tidal flooding ), the canal itself, and both Fort Dupont and the Governor Bacon Health Center.


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