reef depositの例文


  1. He also published extensive work on the Upper Jurassic reef deposits ( the Coral Rag ) of England.
  2. The summit of this mountain peak is formed by a succession of tertiary limestones ranging from the Eocene or Oligocene up to recent reef deposits, with intercalations of volcanic rock in the older beds.
  3. Associated stratigraphic units which comprise this ancient reef system are the Windjana Formation ( the actual reef structures ), Pillara Limestone ( reef platform ) and the Sadler Formation ( fore-reef deposits ).
  4. There is also evidence of a change in fire regimes in Australia, drawn from reef deposits in Queensland, between 70 and 100, 000 years ago, and the integration of human genomic evidence from various parts of the world also supports a date of before 60, 000 years for the arrival of Australian Aboriginal people in the continent.
  5. John E . Warme, one of the geologists who first recognized the geologic anomalies as the results of a bolide, estimates that the total volume of limestone reef deposits and bedrock that was smashed, deformed, partially melted or shifted during the Alamo event at 1, 000 cubic kilometers . " Ensuing tsunamis rearranged much of the debris " he adds.


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