reef encounterの例文


  1. The Caribbean Reef Encounter is housed in an 80, 000-gallon circular tank.
  2. Behind one of the glass walls of Coral World's Caribbean Reef Encounter, two yellow-and-blue-striped French grunts were facing off with each other _ mouth to mouth and eye to eye.
  3. Unlike with operations " Invisible Sword " and " Reef Encounter ", Kurst decides to follow this operation more closely to prevent mistakes; it is this closer link with the plot that eventually proves his undoing.
  4. It would be tempting to linger in the Caribbean Reef Encounter exhibit, but there's much more to see at Coral World, including an opportunity to go down to a depth of 15 feet below the ocean surface wearing a helmet for oxygen and stability, and go for a walk.
  5. In his first appearance during the novel " Snakehead ", Kurst devises an operation dubbed " Reef Encounter " to destroy a small Australian island in which an anti-poverty conference is being held, by planting a powerful non-nuclear, British-made bomb called " Royal Blue " along a tectonic fault line to create a tsunami that will obilterate the island, as well as a considerable part of the west coast of northern Australia.


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