research into ageingの例文


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  1. Metabolic and inflammatory Chief Scientist Office, Age UK and Research into Ageing.
  2. CARDI was founded to help promote research into ageing and to encourage cooperation across sectors and disciplines on the topic of ageing and older people in Ireland.
  3. She lays batches of about 100 eggs on decaying organic matter such as pests, but have been used in the laboratory in research into ageing and sex determination.
  4. Located on the campus of Cologne University Hospital, this MPI forms a substantial part of a regional Life Science Cluster of closely interlinked research organizations focusing on research into ageing and ageing-associated diseases.
  5. The BSRA had worked exceptionally hard to promote the Foundation which was originally known as the British Foundation for Ageing Research ( or BFAR ) but which was to become the respected charity Research Into Ageing.


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