rest systemの例文


  1. Summarizing : While the rest distance between the ships increases to \ gamma L in S2, the relativity principle requires that the string ( whose physical constitution is unaltered ) maintains its rest length L in its new rest system S2.
  2. The advice may interact with the rest system through a join point instance containing reflective information on the context of the event that triggered the advice, such as the arguments of a method call or the target instance of a call.
  3. At East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas, the REST system, for Responsibility, Enforcement, Safety and Treatment, prescribes curfews of 12 : 30 a . m . Sunday through Thursday, 1 : 30 a . m . Friday and Saturday.
  4. You see, before the origin point O of the moving system S meets the origin point O of the rest system S, we have x-OO = x and after that we have x + OO = x; so that based on OO = v | t | as measured in S we should have x = ?x-vt, not x'= ? ( x-vt ).


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