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  1. After the death of his first wife, M錸s Andersson married a daughter of Christopher Rettel, about 1646.
  2. Peace and brotherhood aside, simple convenience is the euro's biggest boon for millions of Europeans like Rettel.
  3. For Gaby Rettel, a waitress at a gas station cafe, it means she at last can ditch that darned calculator.
  4. The work was carried out with the assistance of German conservator Andreas Rettel, who trained at the R鰉isch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz.
  5. Anxious to gain intelligence concerning the assembling and marching of the French troops on the left of the Coalition armies, Bl點her despatched Major Falkenhausen, with the 3rd Regiment of Silesian Landwehr Cavalry, to scour the country in the vicinity of the road by Rettel to Laon.


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