return landingの例文


  1. The locality includes the three following Cape Borda Lighthouse and the Harveys Return Landing Site.
  2. Plane was able to make safe return landing . 30 . ( Moffett, Palm Beach Post)
  3. A Northwest Airlines jet bound for Minneapolis made an emergency return landing at the Detroit airport Thursday night.
  4. If JSC were evacuated or crippled by the storm, the astronauts would be able to dock with the space station and make a return landing, but they would not be able to perform the three planned spacewalks.
  5. There have been various approaches to SSTO, including pure rockets that are launched and land vertically, air-breathing scramjet-powered vehicles that are launched and land horizontally, jet-engine-powered vehicles that can fly into orbit and return landing like an airliner, completely intact.


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