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  1. A periodic orbit of a flow is said to be hyperbolic if none of the eigenvalues of the Poincar?return map at a point on the orbit has absolute value one.
  2. This is opposed to the lines bx + c . . . also if measured velocity was in fact discretised, wouldn't the return map break up into such clusters?
  3. The attractor was first observed in simulations, then realized physically after Leon Chua invented the Poincar?return maps of the attractor explicitly derived by way of compositions of the eigenvectors of the 3-dimensional state space.
  4. I've shown two examples of the return maps I have gotten for all my Drosophila populations ( more or less in the same form ) to the right, though the acceleration plots and the velocity plots are from different populations.
  5. I was inspired by the discussion here on how to extract nonlinear order from chaos in seemingly random time series such as the logistic map by using something called a " ( Poincare ) return map " ( a little different from the Poincare map described here on Wikipedia ).


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