1. had i known this would be the extent of the revelry
    この程度で どんちゃん騒ぎと言うんだと 知ってたら
  2. many times while there were extravagant parties going on just below , the sounds of music and revelry drowning out the cries of torment .
    この真下で開かれる 豪華なパーティの 音楽と喧騒が 苦痛の叫びを かき消していたのです
  3. according to kojiki (the record of ancient matters ) and nihonshoki (the chronicle of japan ), kagura had its origin in a japanese ancient myth of the oracular amenouzume (goddess of the dawn and revelry ) who had performed a dance in a chapter of ama no iwato (cave of heaven ).
  4. the original pattern of mikomai dance can be seen in the " kojiki " (a record of ancient matters ) and " nihonshoki " (chronicles of japan ) as a historical event of ame no uzume no mikoto (the goddess of dawn and revelry ), who performed a dance in front of ama no iwayato (a rock cave where amaterasu , deity of the sun , had hidden ), and women of the ' sarume no kimi ' (descendants of ama no uzume no mikoto ) were reported to have been successively engaged in offering the kagura dance to gods as court ladies of jingikan (a department of worship in charge of clergy and shinto rituals ).


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