revenge herself onの例文


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  1. When she learns that her husband threw the Count out to be alone with Geraldine, she swears she will revenge herself on him.
  2. Clarinda has him leave the sword behind, so that Lisander will be suspected; and Clarinda moves to revenge herself on Calista by exposing her meeting with Lisander.
  3. Marianne believes that she is being confused with Kate-but it turns out the whole thing is a plot by Kate to revenge herself on Marianne and John.
  4. By revenging herself on her husband, Ruth finds power utilizing her skills as a formerly unpaid homemaker, and obtains success by employing other women in the same predicament.
  5. Although he does not secure an alliance with China, he gains Napoleon a significant asset by persuading Lien, a dragon, to join the French and revenge herself on Laurence and Temeraire.


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