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  1. is a laserdisc video game first developed and released by ported to the Sega CD video game console as " "'Revenge of the Ninja " "'in 1994.
  2. Enter the Fist, " the actual headband used by Ralph Macchio in " The Karate Kid, " the demon mask from " Revenge of the Ninja, " the uniform from " Wendy Wu, " and an animatronic character just installed.
  3. After thrilling audiences as the third lead and villain in " Enter the Ninja " ( 1981 ), he was given the solo lead starring role as the hero in the follow-up film " Revenge of the Ninja " ( 1983 ).
  4. Wolf Team was also notable for porting laserdisc video games to the Sega Mega-CD, including some Japan-only arcades like " Time Gal " and " Ninja Hayate " ( released as " Revenge of the Ninja " for the Sega Mega-CD outside Japan ).
  5. The American market wouldn't get to see Blader ( now known as just Blade ) in action until 1987 when Techno Police found the shelves thanks to Celebrity's Just For Kids ( " Battle for Earth Station S / 1 ", " Revenge of the Ninja Warrior " ), and later from Best Film and Video.


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