revenge of the old queenの例文


  1. Ten years later, O'Brien wrote another script intended as a direct sequel to the cult classic entitled " Revenge of the Old Queen ".
  2. As was the case with " Shock Treatment ", the plot of " Revenge of the Old Queen " is not completely congruent with the events of the prior movies.
  3. A script for another rumoured sequel entitled " Revenge of the Old Queen " of " Rocky Horror ", has been circulated on the web and reproduced on various fansites, though officially denied as O'Brien's work by his representatives.
  4. He then went on to provide arrangements for the film adaptation, " The Rocky Horror Picture Show " ( 1975 ) and its follow-up " Shock Treatment " ( 1981 ), and worked with O'Brien on another, as yet unproduced, sequel, " Revenge of the Old Queen ".


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