right of beneficiariesの例文


  1. Mrs . Chater said that the Clinton administration would protect the rights of beneficiaries while reviewing their cases.
  2. The proposals endorsed on Thursday clarify the rights of beneficiaries, as well as of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.
  3. The case, Blessing vs . Freestone, No . 95-1441, has important implications for federal-state relations as well as for the right of beneficiaries of the many joint federal-state welfare programs to challenge the way states carry out their duties.
  4. But there are others who can also bring a lawsuit when a gift seems to go awry : people who might benefit from the intent of the original gift . Professor Dale says the courts have not always recognized the right of beneficiaries to sue, but now some do, " and that is growing ."
  5. It results in the drawing of virtually incomprehensible distinctions between documents which are trust documents and those which are not; it casts doubts upon the rights of beneficiaries who cannot claim to have an equitable proprietary interest in the trust assets, such as the beneficiaries of discretionary trusts; and it may give trustees too great a degree of protection in the case of documents, artificially classified as not being trust documents, and beneficiaries too great a right to inspect the activities of trustees in the case of documents which are, equally artificially, classified as trust documents .'" }}


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