rigid endoscopeの例文


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  1. IMS repairs flexible and rigid endoscopes and stainless, laparoscopic, power, ophthalmic, and specialty instruments.
  2. Rigid endoscopes, such as an Arthroscope, can be sterilized in the same way as surgical instruments, whereas heat labile flexible endoscopes cannot.
  3. From the start, rigid endoscopes were used for direct viewing, photography, video and film in environmental simulation and for interior and exterior shots of models.
  4. It is also fair to say that the Sonic Irrigation process isn t to be used for flexible and rigid endoscopes or instruments such as Phaco handpieces used in Cataract procedures.
  5. "Endoscopic ear surgery " or " EES " is defined as the use of the rigid endoscope, in contrast to the operating room microscope, to visualize the middle and inner ear during otologic surgery.


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