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  1. Finntroll's lyrics mainly deal with legends and tales revolving around the fictional Troll-King " Rivfader " and the trolls fighting against the Christians who entered their lands and spread their beliefs.
  2. Similarly to the rest of the songs on " Ur jordens djup " ( with the exception of the hidden track " Trollvisan " ), the narrator is the persona of Rivfader, Mathias " Vreth " Lillm錸s.
  3. The narrative of the album itself concerns a struggle between witches and troll-shamans, the death and resurrection of Rivfader, the " journey and odyssey of the shaman " and the " great war against one-self ".
  4. The first three full-length albums feature a rather short but fierce song about the two men who constantly get themselves into trouble with the trolls, only to get beaten up and mutilated over and over again by the wrathful followers of Rivfader.
  5. The lyrics of the song were written by the band's original vocalist, Jan " Katla " J鋗sen who was forced to retire in 2003 due to a tumor in his vocal cords and make up the third portion of the kingshaman, Rivfader ( a character conceived by J鋗sen in the early days of Finntroll after whom their first demo, " Rivfader ", was named and who has been heavily mentioned in several of their later albums, including " Midnattens widunder ", " Nattf鰀d ", and " Jaktens tid " ).


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