riviera apartmentsの例文


  1. The Riviera Apartment Complex located north of Riverside Drive next to Hurdman Station is a condominium complex which is home to many of Ottawa's upper class.
  2. On March 23, 2009, the bankruptcy trustee disclosed that French authorities are going to seize the French Riviera apartment on behalf of customers allegedly swindled in France.
  3. French police confirmed Monday they are investigating a suspected break-in at the Riviera apartment of a woman who allegedly stole love letters written by Princess Diana to James Hewitt.
  4. When the elegant marble lobby and mosaic-tiled corridors are restored in an $ 8 million renovation that is to be completed next month, the Riviera apartment house will be the fourth of five one-time luxury high-rises on what was once one of this city's most prestigious streets to be rehabilitated in the last six years.


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