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  1. The organ was purchased from the Riviera Theater in 1935.
  2. The "'Grand Riviera Theater "'was a movie palace theater located at 9222 Grand River Avenue in western Detroit, Michigan.
  3. It opened at the Grand Riviera Theater, Detroit, on February 27, 1961, and closed November 23, 1963, at the O'Keefe Centre, Toronto.
  4. From there they received bigger shows at venues like Metro, the Vic Theater and the 2, 500 seat Riviera Theater opening for B52s, The Sisters of Mercy, The Creatures and other touring bands.
  5. Next door, the Riviera Theater is being refurbished at a cost of $ 5.5 million for conference and retail space by the owners of Charleston Place, a hotel-retail complex, and is to be opened in December.


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