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  1. It was then called St . Antoine de la Riviere du Loup, after wolves that roamed the area.
  2. "Riviere du Loup " was laid down by Halifax she needed a months repairs after developing issues en route.
  3. The recently restored lighthouse at Brandy Pot Island near Riviere du Loup ( PQ ) dates from 1862, the same year a wooden lighthouse was built on Bellechasse Island.
  4. Ferries cross the St . Lawrence between Riviere du Loup and St .-Simeon, ( 418 ) 638-2856 ( no reservations ), and between Les Escoumins and Trois-Pistoles, ( 418 ) 233-4676 ( reservations suggested ).
  5. The other Canadian plans at various stages of development include 500-million-cubic-foot proposals in Quebec City and Riviere Du Loup, Quebec; and two projects each with 1 billion cubic foot capacity in the towns of Goldboro and Point Tupper, Nova Scotia.


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