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  1. He also produced Warehouse releases from Ron Trent, DJ Rush, and Robert Armani.
  2. The title song of the same name was licensed to Giant Step and included on their compilation " Giant Sessions, Volume 1 Mixed by Ron Trent ".
  3. Other projects include producer Jerry C . King of Kingdom Records to produce and release Grey Afternoon and Get Up; Ron Trent of Prescription Records to produce and release Urban Blues, Nights Like These, Beautiful Night, The Ron Hardy Dedication, Altered States ( The Mothership Version ), and We're So Deep.
  4. The music on " Serenity " falls in line with the works of ofter chicago house artists and labels including Ron Trent, Chez Damier, Armando, Trax Records, DJ International, DJ Pierre, Cajmere, Fingers Inc ., Dancemania and Matthew Herbert, as well as microhouse labels including Kompakt and Mutek.
  5. Following what has been an illustrious record career, Jerome Sydenham released a much-anticipated album'Animal Social Club'on Ibadan Records in the European summer of 2012, followed by a co-production project with Aybee and Ron Trent under the artist name S . A . T . which saw a release of an album of the same name in 2014 to acclaimed reviews.


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