round trip delayの例文


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  1. This is because the one way delay can be accurately computed as 1 / 2 the round trip delay.
  2. The L1 and L2 positions permit 400-millisecond round trip delays, which is just close enough for telepresence operation.
  3. The value of N is usually chosen such that the time taken to transmit the N words is less than the round trip delay from transmitter to receiver and back again.
  4. For example, the round trip delay ( RTD ) or latency of the fastest transatlantic connections is under 60 ms, close to the theoretical maximum for an all-sea route.
  5. A non-posted write requires that a bus transaction responds with a write completion response to indicate success or failure of the transaction, and is naturally much slower than a posted write since it requires a round trip delay similar to read bus transactions.


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