s processing centreの例文


  1. Permanent residents as of 28 June 2002 and new permanent residents who did not provide a Canadian residential address, or whose PR Card was expired, lost, stolen or damaged, must apply to IRCC's processing centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia for a new card.
  2. If a Canadian address cannot be supplied at the time, it is necessary to provide one to IRCC within 180 days . Otherwise a new application made to IRCC's processing centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia will be required, at a cost of C $ 50 to the applicant.
  3. After the gang leaves, Ong reveals to Oscar that after the failed robbery, he took one of the security boxes with him, and he is plotting with the gang to have the box opened by staging a robbery and having himself " debriefed " in the company's processing centre while Oscar makes an imprint of the key in another room.


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