s public opinion pollの例文


  1. The majority of these governments are still enjoying high approval ratings in their nation's public opinion polls.
  2. A notoriously independent member of the British Parliament, Burke would scorn the abuse of today's public opinion polls.
  3. President Bush championed education on the campaign trail, a break from Republican orthodoxy, but one that increased his party's public opinion poll ratings on an issue that was once solely identified with the Democratic party.
  4. The White House has been trying to find a way out of Kosovo fairly urgently, driven partly by the unpopularity of the NATO strikes in Congress and the dip in President Clinton's public opinion polls among the reasons.
  5. According to the Medi醤's public opinion poll published on 10 December 2014 support for Fidesz KDNP government coalition dropped by 12 percentage points ( from 38 to 26 % ) among all voters, following mass demonstrations against the Internet tax proposal and US-introduced entry ban on six Hungarian officials.


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