1. Sadino also emphasizes that theory without practice is nothing.
  2. The book also reveals Sadino's original concepts about the world of entrepreneurship, education revolution, business art, and discussion of the ideal of leadership in the eyes of a true entrepreneur.
  3. Sadino also said, " If you want to be an entrepreneur, you better not think and plan like a smart person, instead,'just do it'like a moron ."
  4. While a stupid man may has only one stupid idea and that idea is his only choice and then he apply it . " The writing of this book is entirely inspired by the figure of a unique, and controversial Bob Sadino.
  5. "' Belajar Goblok "'( en : Stupid Learning ) . This book consists of four Bob Sadino's main ideas, such as the following expression : " A smart man usually has smart ideas, maybe even too many ideas, and in the end none of his ideas become reality.


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