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  1. Rare subtypes include carcinoid tumors, bronchial gland carcinomas and sarcomatoid carcinomas.
  2. Under the 2nd revision ( 1981 ) of the WHO classification, it was considered a subtype of sarcomatoid carcinomas ".
  3. Rarely, CUP may appear as neuroendocrine tumors, or mixed tumors, such as sarcomatoid, basaloid, or adenosquamous carcinomas.
  4. Rarely, spermatocytic seminomas may show sarcomatoid differentiation, most commonly as undifferentiated spindled cells intermingled within the typical-appearing spermatocytic seminoma cells.
  5. Sarcomatoid carcinomas are unique among lung carcinomas in that, although they are considered carcinomas, they contain cytological and tissue architectural features that are usually characteristic of sarcoma.


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