1. The Bolshevik rebels successfully took over Alexandropol, Kars and Sarikamis.
  2. Enver ordered his forces to attack along many routes with the goal of arriving suddenly at Sarikamis at the same time.
  3. But General Yudenich, in charge of the defense of the area, ignored Vorontsov's wishes to withdraw and instead stayed to defend Sarikamis.
  4. This delay was to allow time to set up a pro-Turkish provisional government to resist the expected incorporation of the historically-Armenian province into the Armenian Republic . " National Islamic Councils " were formed in the main population centers of Kars provinceOltu, Kagizman, Igdir, Sarikamis, Ardahan and Kars itselfas well as settlements in adjoining territories where there were Turkish-speaking or Muslim populations ( including Akhalkalaki, Akhaltzikhe and Batumi ).


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