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  1. It is located in Sarikei Division.
  2. "' Sarikei Division "'is one of the twelve administrative divisions in Sarawak, Malaysia, located on the island of Borneo.
  3. Although Tanjung Manis is now under the jurisdiction of Mukah Division, due to its close proximity to Sarikei, the airport also serves the Sarikei Division as well.
  4. It was felt that with the establishment of a new Sarikei Division the government would be able to concentrate and focus more in its efforts to contain and counter the security problem in the area.
  5. Formerly part of the Third Division, which included Sibu and Kapit, Sarikei Division has a total area of 4, 332.4 square kilometres, and is the second smallest of the administrative divisions of Sarawak.


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