sarkis aghajanの例文


  1. Assyrian philanthropist Sarkis Aghajan restored life to the village when it was covered by the reconstruction campaign he funded and launched.
  2. However, Sarkis Aghajan began to challenge its power beginning in 2006 with the opening of Ishtar TV and the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council.
  3. A mysterious, media-shy, and wealthy Assyrian Sarkis Aghajan Mamendo was a key player in this apparently straightforward story of a small beleaguered minority learning to stand up for itself once more.
  4. In response to this influx of refugees, Sarkis Aghajan and the Supreme committee of Christian affairs built and renovated new homes, churches, cemeteries, infrastructure and a complex for Armenian Refugees, among other improvements.
  5. "' Sarkis Aghajan Mamendo "'( ), ( born 1962 ) is an Iraqi Assyrian politician who was appointed Minister for Finance and Economy in the cabinet of Iraqi Kurdistan on 7 May 2006.


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