satiety centerの例文


  1. 3 . "'Glucostatic hypothesis "'- The activity of satiety center in the ventromedial nuclei probably governed by the Glucose utilization in the neurons of it.
  2. Neuroscientist Richard L . Wurtman and nutritionist Judith Wurtman wondered : Couldn't a drug do the same thing to the brain's satiety centers that high-carbohydrate snacks do _ but without the calories?
  3. The anorectic properties of GLP-1 and its peptide analogs are thought to be due in part to both inhibition of gastric emptying and deactivation of central satiety centers coupled with reduction of energy intake.
  4. The circuit begins with an area of the hypothalamus, the arcuate nucleus, that has outputs to the lateral hypothalamus ( LH ) and ventromedial hypothalamus ( VMH ), the brain's feeding and satiety centers, respectively.
  5. Octreotide has been used experimentally to treat obesity, particularly obesity caused by lesions in the hunger and satiety centers of the hypothalamus, a region of the brain central to the regulation of food intake and energy expenditure.


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