savyolovsky rail terminalの例文


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  1. The suburban Savyolovsky Rail Terminal was built in 1902.
  2. The district extends from Kitai-gorod northwest to Belorussky and Savyolovsky Rail Terminals.
  3. In 1988 the final extension through the centre first deviated eastwards to include Tsvetnoy Boulevard and then crossed the ring at Novoslobodskaya before continuing northwards to Savyolovsky Rail Terminal.
  4. Things changed with the construction of railroads Smolensk railroad station was built in 1870; current building, known as Belorussky Rail Terminal, was completed in 1909 . Savyolovsky Rail Terminal and Moscow Ring Railroad followed in the 1900s.
  5. Its entrance vestibule is located on the square of the Savyolovsky rail terminal ( hence the name of the station ), thus it is quite busy providing transfer to commuter trains serving numerous destinations to the north of Moscow.


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