school education lawの例文


  1. 1952: kyoto prefectural university of medicine was approved under the new educational system that was created in accordance with the school education law .
    1952年 学校教育法による新制京都府立医科大学となる
  2. however , in 1919 , the schools were renamed to primary , junior high and high schools , and this system continued until the implementation of school education law .
  3. by the enactment of school education law in 1947 and national school establishment law in 1949 , tokyo higher normal school and university of arts and sciences amalgamated into tokyo university of education , hiroshima higher normal school was amalgamated with various institutions including hiroshima women ' s higher normal school , hiroshima university of arts and science (old-system ), hiroshima high school (old-system ), hiroshima technical college (old-system ) and promoted to hiroshima university , further both tokyo and nara women ' s higher normal schools were promoted to universities , ochanomizu university and nara women ' s university , respectively and kanazawa higher normal school became kanazawa university of education .
    1947年の学校教育法制定と1949年の国立学校設置法により、東京高師は文理大と合併し東京教育大学に、広島高等師範学校は広島女子高等師範学校とともに広島文理科大学 (旧制)、広島高等学校 (旧制)、広島工業専門学校 (旧制)等と合併し広島大学に、東京・奈良両女高師は大学に昇格しそれぞれお茶の水女子大学と奈良女子大学に、金沢高等師範学校は金沢大学教育学部になった。


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