scots acreの例文


  1. A ploughgate contains about 100 Scots acres ( 5.3 km 2 ).
  2. Each town to have 50 Scots acres .  To meet the emergencies of war, Knox recommended that Great Britain should always hold two hundred thousand seamen in readiness.
  3. In 1342, Ross granted a charter for ten davochs ( about 4, 160 acres or 104 Scots acres ) of land in Kintail to Ronald MacRuari ( Raghnall MacRuaidhr?), Lord of the Isles, a descendant of Somerled.
  4. In late 1823, George Lauder, described as the tenant farmer of Inverleith Mains, agreed with James Rocheid of Inverleith to a reversion of part of his leasehold lands, 11.5 Scots acres, for the site of the Queen Elizabeth.
  5. A daughter of Sir William Douglas, Dominus de Pierston in her own right, married Robert Barclay about the year 1400 and the lands of Pierceton and Warrickhill were the inheritance, being 900 Scots acres of among the most fertile lands in Dreghorn Parish.


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