sealtest dairyの例文


  1. Sealtest Dairy Company was founded and operated by Vernon F . Hovey.
  2. Rainbow Sherbet was invented by Emanuel Goren while working at Sealtest Dairies, Philadelphia, Pa . during the early 1950s.
  3. In the 1990s, a portion of the facade of the Sealtest Dairy building was preserved and incorporated into a new post office.
  4. "' John Luick "'( born April 5, 1840 in Niagara Falls, New York  died March 30, 1938 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) was the founder of Luick Ice Cream, which later became part of Sealtest Dairy.
  5. Accustomed to both hard work and creative financial problem solving, Barbara held many different jobs while growing up-- from ticket sales clerk at the Old Graystone Ballroom in Detroit and dance instructor to microbiologist at Sealtest Dairy ( which included literally gallons of free ice cream each week for her relatives ) and mistress of ceremonies for Diana's performances with her pre-Supremes group the Primettes.


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