1. Yetsirah and all of Jovar is ruled over by Sealtiel the Defender.
  2. Meanwhile, P閞ez-Reverte apologized and noted that the story he published he wrote exactly as it was told to him by writer Sealtiel Alatriste.
  3. Sealtiel commands one of the most impressive standing armies in the Heavens from his fortress of Pax Exaltea, and is charged with preventing impure beings from reaching the uppermost layer of Celestia.
  4. The most common alternative spellings of Shealtiel are Salathiel ( though this sometimes comes directly from the Bible ), Saltel, Salatiel, Saltell, Saltial, Saltiel, Salti閘, ???????, Schaltiel, Scialtiel, Scieltiel, Sealthiel, Sealtiel, Sealti雔, Seltiel, Shaaltiel, Shalltell, Shaltiel, Shaltieli, Shealthiel, Shealtiel, Sjaltiel and Sjealtiel.


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