securities principalの例文


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  1. "So I went into the Situation Room to try to gather the national security principals, " she continued.
  2. Miller also took the Series 24 exam in Boshnack's name in March 1994 so Boshnack could be a general securities principal.
  3. But he said those amounts were small compared with the ultimate $ 1 million bribe, which Owl Securities principals referred to variously as a toll, a kiss or closing costs.
  4. Miller took the Series 7 broker licensing exam and the Series 24 exam, which allowed Boshnack to be a general securities principal, the FBI and the prosecutor's office said.
  5. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has a division called the Global Security Principal Directorate which researches on behalf of the government issues such as bio-security, counter-terrorism, etc.


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