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  1. However, Sichuan Guancheng withdrew before the start of the season, leaving only 15 teams when the season started on March 11.
  2. After Chinese Super League's team Sichuan Guancheng FC disbanded, the sports department of Sichuan province decided to establish a new club.
  3. By this time Chinese Super League side Sichuan Guancheng was showing interest in Lee's services, and he subsequently signed with the club for the 2004 season.
  4. Ma Minyu's second spell at Sichuan Guancheng was to prove considerably more successful with Sichuan as they were genuine title contenders during this period and came 3rd in the 1999 and 2000 league seasons.
  5. His time at Perugia, however was a disaster as he played in no games for them and he returned to Sichuan Guancheng where he has started to play first team football on a regular basis in preparation for the World Cup.


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