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  1. The witness stayed in Houston for 15 days before taking a van to the Sin Sin Employment Agency, Holth said.
  2. "Shipmates " stakes out the West Village ( Village Idiot, Hogs'n'Heifers ) and East Village lounges like Sin Sin and Idylwild.
  3. Quickly found a home in the East Village at the now defunct Comedy Social, a weekly comedy showcase at Sin Sin bar.
  4. The Fengs, who operate the Sin Sin Employment Agency, bought more than 2, 000 Greyhound bus tickets from April 1996 to December 1999, Holth said.
  5. Rodr韌uez-L髉ez signed the band to his label, went on to produce their first album " Sin Sin Sin " in 2011, and also briefly served as the band's bassist.


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