sin verguenzaの例文


  1. In 2014, his original song " Sin Verguenza " was featured in the Televisa soap opera " BMI showcase with other regional Mexican performers.
  2. Por lo tanto, es un periodo muy corto en el que la izquierda esta compitiendo en las elecciones con un perfil propio, sin verguenza de ser izquierda.
  3. In April 2008, signed a contract with Chilevisi髇, and appears on " Teatro en Chilevisi髇 ", " Sin Verguenza " and " Yingo ", performing spaces such as, " The Ranking of All Time ", in addition to their music and unfolding in the role of the jury.
  4. Bacilos : " Sin Verguenza " ( WEA International ) The disc includes three tracks produced by Tom Capone, the Brazilian producer who was killed in a motorcycle crash early this month, hours after leaving the Latin Grammys, where he was nominated in five categories, including album of the year for his work with Maria Rita.


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