situation and policyの例文


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  1. He was, and quickly became chief of the staff preparing " national intelligence estimates, " as efforts to judge situations and policies in other nations are called.
  2. The narrative in the collection of works was seen as a prediction and warning of how the country could be affected by the financial situation and policies towards culture.
  3. Given the rapid globalisation and internationalisation of the world economy, can the problems in East and South-East Asia be blamed solely upon the domestic situations and policies of these countries?
  4. Research has shown that developed nations are more likely to give aid to nations who have the worst economic situations and policies ( Burnside, C ., Dollar, D ., 2000 ).
  5. After a long-stalled confirmation process, he has been free for several months now to concentrate on the region, including the political situations and policies of Pakistan and India, which also affect Afghanistan.


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