smoke treatmentの例文


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  1. The commission also called for federal regulation of tobacco and inclusion of anti-smoking treatment in government medical insurance.
  2. The mice got enough smoke, said Shapiro, one of the authors, that they began enjoying their smoke treatment.
  3. Earlier, he says, " You name it and I tried it _ acupuncture, meditation, herbal smoke treatments, biofeedback, painful myotherapy, hypnotism.
  4. Glaxo said its performance was more sluggish than expected due to weak sales of its migraine medicine Imitrex and anti-smoking treatment Zyban, together with the impact of economic problems in Asia and South America.
  5. Only about half of all insurers currently do so; Medicare, the federal health program for seniors, doesn't cover anti-smoking treatments and only 22 states provided Medicaid coverage for tobacco dependence treatments.


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