spirits of the war deadの例文


  1. - make them (the spirits of the war dead ) a model and follow them by learning from them .
    - それ(英霊)を模範とし、それに見習って後につづけ。
  2. when the absolute god-emperor ceased to exist after the war , the spirits of the war dead became the object to be appeased .
  3. like gokoku-jinja shrines , yasukuni-jinja shrine is a shrine honoring the spirits of the war dead and originated from shokonsha .
  4. there are also bussharito that enshrine spirits of the war dead in the pacific war , as well as original bussharito that enshrine busshari .
  5. although an old saying claims that spirits of the war dead do not transform into yurei , many yurei of defeated heike soldiers fleeing the enemy and yurei of soldiers killed in the two world wars are said to have appeared in the shape of the person at death .


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