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  1. We'll kick off this commercial-free set with Sarah Vaughn : " Spring will be a little late this year.
  2. Her duets with Jimmy Webb on Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year and with John Travolta on Two Sleepy People are similarly unspectacular.
  3. The arrangements are a long way from Bobby Hackett, however, and Marsalis is soulful on such melancholy babies as " The Party's Over " and " Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year ."
  4. Elsewhere, his intimacy and warmth shine through, as in the Gershwins'" Love Is Here to Stay " and Frank Loesser's lovely " Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year, " given the right wistful delicacy.
  5. Moore also did all the arrangements for the album, which was recorded at CBS Studios, Whitfield Street, London on September 12, 13 & 14 1977-except for one song " Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year " which was recorded at United Western Recorders, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood on January 19, 1976.


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