spring wingの例文


  1. genji exchanged poems with lady murasaki at the spring wing , and celebrated the new year .
  2. as for the rest , lady murasaki was installed in the spring wing , hanachirusato in the summer wing and lady akashi in the winter wing .
  3. on march 20 or so , genji held a concert performed on boats at the spring wing , and also invited the ladies-in waiting of empress akikonomu from the autumn wing .
  4. the residence is separated into four wings each of which is named after four seasons: in the spring wing , there lives lady murasaki , the summer wing , hanachirusato and other women , the autumn wing is for the ise consort ' s short leaves from service (because of this she is called akikonomu , which literally means preferring autumn ), and in the winter wing , lady akashi .


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