spring-damper systemの例文


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  1. Study on dynamics of mechano - electronic spring - damper system with differential connections
  2. The simplified prepressing - contact spring - damping system was studied in this dissertation . the nonlinear dynamic characteristic of this system was research by experiment method
  3. In the theoretical analysis , first the dynamics model of the prepressing - contact spring - damping system was established by vibration theory . then the stability of the solution of this system was studied base on the qualitative theory of nonlinear vibration
  4. In order to study the vibration in the artillery traveling more accurately and completely , a tire force model of non - linear and self - adapting stochastic contacting mark is set up , and this model provides a good method to study the driving system ' s horizontal and vertical excitation caused by the plainness road surface . the suspension of the tractor is simplified by the model of spring - damp system , and the artillery torque rod is also simplified by torsion spring
  5. At last , in according to the experiment results , the interpretation of the mechanism of the slip phenomenon of prepressing - contact spring - damping system was given in this dissertation . further more , the relationship among the limit frequency , the value of prepressing , excitation frequency , the amplitude of excitation and the materiel parameter was analyzed . base on the theory analysis the limit frequency formula was given , and the contact - slip condition for engineering application was concluded


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