starter boxの例文


  1. Other products include starter boxes which are prepackaged to include certain figures.
  2. Beginning defense of their Del Mar championships are jockey Kent Desormeaux, who has six mounts today, and trainer Bob Baffert, who saddles first-time starter Box Buster in the third race and the claimer Thatsaknife in the sixth.
  3. The cigarette holder, which the company has trademarked as its " Puff Activated Lighter, " as well as a battery recharger and a pack of Accords will be sold in starter boxes for $ 50, according to the company's initial projections.
  4. Here you'll learn how to tune a carburetor by adjusting needle valves, to choose the best starter boxes for non-pull-start engines, and to adjust shock and camber angles to maximize performance geometry . ( Got that ? ) Then there are the little beasts themselves, fierce-looking competitors like the OFNA's Dominator.
  5. Structures within Bell Park include a timber tower thought to be a judges box / starters box, near this structure is a large, open grassed area said to be a runners track; two timber rotundas, one constructed with tree trunks for uprights, while the second rotunda has uprights made from sawn timber.


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