1. In his remarks, the president identified himself with the great statemen of freedom in the century just about to end.
  2. The festival commemorates Chinese poet-statemen Chu Yuan, who drowned himself in the Milo River in central Hunan province some 2, 000 years ago to protest government corruption.
  3. FOX NEWS will claim that e . g . " there is no scientific consensus on climate change " and that you'll have a fair number of Wiki-editors who will believe that ( or replace this statement by any other flawed statemen about climate change ).
  4. "' Levi Todd "'( d . 1807 ) was an 18th century American pioneer who, with his brothers Robert Todd, helped found present-day Lexington, Kentucky and were leading prominent landowners and statemen in the state of Kentucky prior to its admission into the United States in 1792.
  5. In such works as the " Twopenny Post-bag " and, to a lesser degree, " The Fudge Family in Paris ", Moore's " light, agreeable, polished style pierces through the body of the court . . . weighs the vanity of fashion in tremulous scales, mimics the grimace of affectation and folly, shows up the littleness of the great, and spears a phalanx of statemen with its glittering point as with a diamond brooch ."


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