storage displayの例文


  1. Storage displays do not require any local memory.
  2. It has been said that to preserve the cloth and applique that special storage displays would have to be constructed and that these would cost too much to provide.
  3. Certain galleries are veritable obstacle courses of vitrines, and the show initially has the clutter and incoherence of an art fair or a museum's open-storage displays . ( The second phase of the Luce Center will actually be open storage _ 3, 000 objects installed in galleries adjacent to these _ and is to open sometime in 2003 .)
  4. At the Met she also coordinated the updating and computerizing of the documentation for the thousands of decorative objects in the Henry R . Luce Center for the Study of American Art, a vast open-storage display that opened in 1989, and organized the 1994 exhibition " The Decorative Arts of Frank Lloyd Wright in the Metropolitan Museum of Art ."


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