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  1. But there is also a genetic connection of STPD to mood disorders and depression in particular.
  2. Group therapy is recommended for persons with STPD only if the group is well structured and supportive.
  3. Although STPD symptomatology has been studied longitudinally in a number of community samples, the results received do not suggest any significant likelihood of the development of schizophrenia.
  4. STPD is classified as a cluster A personality disorder ( " odd or eccentric disorders " ) and is considered to be the most impairing disorder in this cluster.
  5. The "'Southold Town Police Department "', commonly referred to as STPD, is a professional police organization responsible for primary jurisdictional law enforcement for the town of hamlet of Peconic, New York, with an address of 53095 Route 25, Peconic, NY 11958 . ( 631 ) 765-2600.


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