1. It is a nice exercise to show that any square can be partitioned into n subsquares, for any n greater than or equal to six.
  2. Sudoku imposes the additional restriction that nine particular 3 & times; 3 adjacent subsquares must also contain the digits 1 9 ( in the standard version ).
  3. However, even though it is " obvious " that it can't be done for exactly five subsquares, I haven't been able to think of a proof.
  4. :In answer to the question if it is possible to have a colour assignment without corner-monochromatic subsquares for arbitrary ( and therefore arbitrarily large ) grids, the answer is no.
  5. For even more precise location mapping, two additional digits were proposed and ratified as an " extended locator ", making it altogether eight characters long, and dividing " subsquares " into even smaller ones.


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